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Elle's Beauty Bar

Want to add your logo or change the text? You get one edit for FREE! Send us a message to We will send you a message when the new version is ready to review. Please review your video before purchasing. Once the video is downloaded, no refunds will be possible.


How can you use this video? If you haven’t used video marketing before, you can embed the video on your website landing page or add it to your email campaigns to increase, retain and convert traffic. Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Nextdoor, LinkedIn or any social media site that you use to reach your followers and their networks. Run a paid ad campaign with the video on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites to reach bigger audiences.


You are purchasing a license to display this content and do not own the content. By making this purchase, you agree to our Terms of Service and you are licensed to display this video forever through online properties only; website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar online platforms. You may not resell, edit, or distribute videos through any other means. 

Elle's Beauty Bar

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